JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


We had a wonderful showing at Art of Association this year and I think that North County did an especially fine job of presenting our work in the lobby of the Lighthouse Art Center…Bravo!

It looks as though we are going to have an exciting year ahead as well.  The Lighthouse has been especially busy getting ready for their very impressive upcoming Manoogian Collection Show.  This show is a major event for the Lighthouse Center and should attract a lot of statewide attention. 

As you know, Julie Beaumont and I are the chairs of D’Art for Art this year.  We have been excitedly getting our table centerpieces made and most tables have already been sold…It’s a RED HOT D’ART.   We are looking for REALLY fine art to be exhibited and scooped up at this event.  This is a opportunity for guests to become collectors. I can’t think of an event all season that is more fun.     The Artist’s Party will be on Sunday, November 1st and D’Art is on Saturday, November 7th. Please generously donate and come to the party….Wear RED!

Art Dine & Dance is another event that promises to be fantastic fun on January 16th.  We really enjoyed the party at the museum last year and I think it will be even better this year.  We will be celebrating American Art and it will be a spirit filled evening…again, a chance to dress up!…in red, white and blue this time.  Tickets are reasonably priced.

Our next show is at the Jupiter Community Center.  The Jupiter Art Committee very generously invites us each fall and I hope that many of you participate. Email Linda for the application at:  MathisonLR@gmail.com or they will be available for pickup at the desk at the Village Art Studios.  The deadline for entries is on September 25th and delivery to the Center is on Monday, September 28th, between 9 and 12. Opening reception is on Friday, October 2nd, 6-7:30.

The pick up date from the Eissey show has been CHANGED to Wednesday, October 7th, between 10 and 12.

Chris Kling will be our presenter at the September 14th NCAA meeting.  Chris is a very fine portraitist and will be teaching classes and workshops at the Lighthouse this fall.  Lets get to know her!

Linda Mathison and I will both be away in September so this newsletter will be for both September and October.   Linda will be spending a month in Italy so….perhaps she will present a fabulous photo show for us when she returns…Linda is a skilled photographer so her take on "things Italian" should be SPECIAL.

I am scheduled to give a talk on Contemporary Art at the 3RD Thursday evening at the Lighthouse on October 15th.  This should serve as an intro to Art Basel Miami in December.  I will try my best to be informative and I encourage you to venture down to Miami or to West Palm Beach Convention Center, in January, for their Contemporary Show.

Hasta luego, 
(I am going to be in Mexico!)

MEMBER NEWS:  Joan Afman sold one of her paintings at Art of Association Show.  She also has a new book published The Casserole Brigade,  ask her for more info.


SEPTEMBER 14, Monday           NCAA Meeting, 7PM, Katy DiGioia presiding.  Chris Kling talk and demo about portraiture.
SEPTEMBER 21, Monday           Drop off, Corner Cafe, 2:30
SEPTEMBER 25, Friday              Deadline for entries to Jupiter Community Center show
SEPTEMBER 28, Monday           Drop off, Jupiter Community Center, 9-12
OCTOBER 7, Wednesday            Pick up, Eissey Theatre, 10-12
OCTOBER 12, Monday               NCAA meeting, 7PM, mystery guest to be arranged
OCTOBER 15, Thursday             3RD Thursday at the Lighthouse, talk on Contemporary Art
OCTOBER 19, Monday               Drop off, Corner dCafe, 2:30
OCTOBER 26, Monday               Last day for delivery of donated art for D’Art
NOVEMBER 1, Sunday               Artist’s Appreciation Party
NOVEMBER 7, Saturday             Red Hot D’Art for Art

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