JUNE 2018

JUNE 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Sunday, November 29, 2015


December is nearly here, so it must be time to remind members to send in their dues for 2016.
Please send your $35 checks to :  NCAA,  PO Box   3672 , Tequesta, FL  33469
(New members this Fall, most joining us from The Artists of Jupiter, are paid through 2016.)

We elect our Board for 2016 at the December meeting.
 All nominations are open until the meeting and we welcome anyone interested to add their names to the slate.
PRESIDENT:                 Gerri Aurre
EXECUTIVE VP:          Katy DiGioia
VP PUBLICITY:            Linda Mathison
VP HOSPITALITY:       Karen Reinhart
                                        Tess Lindsay
TREASURER:                Bill Sabino

At our Board meeting we were discussing possible topics for future meetings.  One that seemed popular was Travel Art…so many members travel and see fabulous art … Let’s share.
 Another was clay hand building at the Lighthouse School with the Artist in Residence.…a fun evening. We welcome any suggestions you may have of interesting artists you know in the area.

Also, NCAA will be rejoining the Northern Palm Beach Cultural Alliance and the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.

Art Basel will be in Miami during the first week in December.  Katie Deits and I will be leading groups on Friday, December 4th. Contact LAC about tickets for the bus trip. I can’t wait to see what is new and different in the Art world this year!

Our Holiday Party meeting is on December 14th. 
Bring a wrapped small piece of your artwork for the gift exchange……A great tradition!
We will be serving pizza and wine, etc.

Happy and Healthy Holidays to all,


DECEMBER 14, Monday   Holiday Party, Lighthouse Art Center, 7 PM.   Bring your wrapped artwork to exchange.
DECEMBER 17, Thursday 3RD Thursday, Lighthouse Art Center, 5:30-7:30, 
Joan Lipton, from The Society of the Four Arts, speaking about William Merritt Chase
DECEMBER 21, Monday   Change art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
Member Notes:
Jordan Bernstein has an Art Charity Page on Facebook called:  MCSNT

Monday, November 2, 2015


As November begins, the buzz of a new season is already in the air.

The D’Art for Art exhibit is hung at the Lighthouse Art Center and it is better than ever. Artists have given generously and the galleries look great.  Thank you all. This major fundraising event helps the Lighthouse and artists' reputations as well. It will be juried and I hope some of our members will be winners. I cannot think of an event that is more rewarding and fun than D’Art. It has been great being a co-chair with Julie Beaumont.

The Manoogian Collection will be arriving this month and promises to be a major event in South Florida. It is quite exciting for the Lighthouse and many of you are preparing to be docents throughout the winter. The opening will be on third Thursday, November 19th. I am sure that you will visit this exhibit of important American Art, over and over again.

Thank you to those who attended my talk on Contemporary Art… I hope that the audience enjoyed it and feel open to experiencing and exploring things that are new and different in the Art world.  This should help to introduce Art Basel in Miami in December.  Katie Deits and I will be leading groups at the Convention Center on December 4th. Contact LAC if you are interested in their bus trip to Miami.

We just had a lovely show at Eissey Theatre and are invited back for the summer of 2016. In fact, it was so well liked, we will be exhibiting there in January 2018 as well.

The North County Artists meeting in November will be taking place at the Village Art Studios…right next door to the Lighthouse.  Jim Rigg will be our presenter.  He is a new instructor of collage and watercolor at the Lighthouse school. It should be interesting. 

We will be having a Board Meeting at the Village Art Studios on Wednesday, November 18th at 12 noon…I’ll bring lunch.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

NOVEMBER 7, Saturday                  RED HOT D’ART FOR ART, 6PM-10PM, Lighthouse Art Center
NOVEMBER 9, Monday                    NCAA meeting, 7PM, Village Art Studios
NOVEMBER 16, Monday                  Pick-up at Jupiter Community Center, 9-12
NOVEMBER 16, Monday                  Drop-off Art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
NOVEMBER 18, Wednesday            NCAA Board meeting, 12 Noon, Village Art Studios
NOVEMBER 19, Thursday                Opening for Manoogian Collection, Lighthouse Art Center,5:30

D'art for Art club winners:
Barbara Roehl, 2nd Place for "Still Life with Pears"
Quince Quaintance, Honorable Mention for "Picnic"
Carolyn Austin, Executive Directors' Award for "Peacock in Jerusalem"


Wednesday, September 2, 2015


We had a wonderful showing at Art of Association this year and I think that North County did an especially fine job of presenting our work in the lobby of the Lighthouse Art Center…Bravo!

It looks as though we are going to have an exciting year ahead as well.  The Lighthouse has been especially busy getting ready for their very impressive upcoming Manoogian Collection Show.  This show is a major event for the Lighthouse Center and should attract a lot of statewide attention. 

As you know, Julie Beaumont and I are the chairs of D’Art for Art this year.  We have been excitedly getting our table centerpieces made and most tables have already been sold…It’s a RED HOT D’ART.   We are looking for REALLY fine art to be exhibited and scooped up at this event.  This is a opportunity for guests to become collectors. I can’t think of an event all season that is more fun.     The Artist’s Party will be on Sunday, November 1st and D’Art is on Saturday, November 7th. Please generously donate and come to the party….Wear RED!

Art Dine & Dance is another event that promises to be fantastic fun on January 16th.  We really enjoyed the party at the museum last year and I think it will be even better this year.  We will be celebrating American Art and it will be a spirit filled evening…again, a chance to dress up!…in red, white and blue this time.  Tickets are reasonably priced.

Our next show is at the Jupiter Community Center.  The Jupiter Art Committee very generously invites us each fall and I hope that many of you participate. Email Linda for the application at:  MathisonLR@gmail.com or they will be available for pickup at the desk at the Village Art Studios.  The deadline for entries is on September 25th and delivery to the Center is on Monday, September 28th, between 9 and 12. Opening reception is on Friday, October 2nd, 6-7:30.

The pick up date from the Eissey show has been CHANGED to Wednesday, October 7th, between 10 and 12.

Chris Kling will be our presenter at the September 14th NCAA meeting.  Chris is a very fine portraitist and will be teaching classes and workshops at the Lighthouse this fall.  Lets get to know her!

Linda Mathison and I will both be away in September so this newsletter will be for both September and October.   Linda will be spending a month in Italy so….perhaps she will present a fabulous photo show for us when she returns…Linda is a skilled photographer so her take on "things Italian" should be SPECIAL.

I am scheduled to give a talk on Contemporary Art at the 3RD Thursday evening at the Lighthouse on October 15th.  This should serve as an intro to Art Basel Miami in December.  I will try my best to be informative and I encourage you to venture down to Miami or to West Palm Beach Convention Center, in January, for their Contemporary Show.

Hasta luego, 
(I am going to be in Mexico!)

MEMBER NEWS:  Joan Afman sold one of her paintings at Art of Association Show.  She also has a new book published The Casserole Brigade,  ask her for more info.


SEPTEMBER 14, Monday           NCAA Meeting, 7PM, Katy DiGioia presiding.  Chris Kling talk and demo about portraiture.
SEPTEMBER 21, Monday           Drop off, Corner Cafe, 2:30
SEPTEMBER 25, Friday              Deadline for entries to Jupiter Community Center show
SEPTEMBER 28, Monday           Drop off, Jupiter Community Center, 9-12
OCTOBER 7, Wednesday            Pick up, Eissey Theatre, 10-12
OCTOBER 12, Monday               NCAA meeting, 7PM, mystery guest to be arranged
OCTOBER 15, Thursday             3RD Thursday at the Lighthouse, talk on Contemporary Art
OCTOBER 19, Monday               Drop off, Corner dCafe, 2:30
OCTOBER 26, Monday               Last day for delivery of donated art for D’Art
NOVEMBER 1, Sunday               Artist’s Appreciation Party
NOVEMBER 7, Saturday             Red Hot D’Art for Art

Monday, June 1, 2015


Quite a few members attended my presentation at the Lighthouse Art Center on Third Thursday and  I hope that you enjoyed hearing and seeing about my trip to New York. 

The new Whitney Museum alone is well worth a trip.  It breathes new life into a whole section of the city and has created quite a buzz. I would also encourage taking a few of the free neighborhood walking tours offered by the city….I am a native New Yorker and really enjoy them.  Of course, a trip to New York would be incomplete without visits to the Met, MOMA and the Guggenheim.

Now I am off to Spain and Italy to savor the art…especially the Contemporary work.   I am very excited about spending time at the Venice Biennale once again. I cannot get enough of it and will certainly share my experiences in the Fall.

For our June meeting, Katy DiGioia will ask members to talk about their work on display at the Art of Association exhibit.  We are showing in the lobby and I think that the art looks great.

Another exhibition venue has been offered to us by LAC.  The Jupiter Hospital Urgent Care Center on Donald Ross Rd. is asking for artwork with a nautical theme.

I will get out a bulletin about it at the beginning of July.  If you have work that you would like to submit, send the information to Linda Mathison.

The Awards ceremony for Art of Association is on Thursday, June 18th at 5:30.

Drop off of Art to the Eissey Theatre is on June 24th in the morning.  This show will run through October.

We will not be having a July meeting…….so…….have a wonderful summer!



JUNE 8, Monday             NCAA meeting, 7PM…..Discussion about artwork on display
JUNE 15, Monday           Change art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
JUNE 18, Thursday         Awards Ceremony at LAC, 5:30-7:30
JUNE 24, Wednesday     Art to Eissey Theatre, 10-12

Sunday, May 17, 2015


As you all know, Gerri is passionate about art, especially what's happening today.  Come support our president and learn about what is going on in today's art world.  She will be presenting a program at the Lighthouse Art Center about her recent trip to New York. 
Hope to see you there.
Take a virtual tour the New York Art Scene!

3rd Thursday, May 21 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Gerri Aurre will show us the new Whitney Museum, the China through the Looking Glass at the Met and NYC’s street artists.

“The most important art today is happening on the street,” Julian Schnabel

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


We have two big exhibits coming up for this summer. 

More than 30 of our artists have entered their work in The Art of Association at the Lighthouse Art Center. This is a great opportunity, I think, for us to see how well we exhibit as a group in the county. It brings a measure of excitement to the summer months. Drop off is on Thursday, May 28th, from 10-12. 

Another opportunity for us, that only presents itself every three years or so, is the exhibit at the Eissey Theatre Lobby. This show runs from June 24th to October 2nd. I will need the title, medium and price from you by our meeting on May 11th.  Send this to me (gerriaurre@gmail.com) or to Linda, mathisonlr@gmail.com. If you want the opportunity to have your image used in Eissey publicity, then send a Jpeg to Linda before May 11th. Drop off of artwork is on June 24th, between 10 and 12, at the Eissey Theatre. And, yes, they do have summer programs. 

On a sad note, our dear friend, Rod Martter passed away this month. He was always ready to help and was just a lovely man. Sincere condolences go to his wife, Joan.
Martter Family
4 Garden St., Apt. 207
Tequesta, FL 33469 

This month at our meeting we will be showing “Nevelson, Awareness in the Fourth Dimension”
This film was made for the Farnsworth Museum and was featured in the recent exhibit at the Society of the Four Arts. I enjoyed it and hope that you will too. 

I am off to New York for the opening of the new Whitney Museum…and, I can’t wait!
There is going to be a big street fair in the neighborhood, …which is the old meatpacking district…and it should be exciting.  The museum sits right at the end of the High Line and is a fabulous space designed by Renzo Piano. I will tell you all about it at the May meeting.


 MAY 11, Monday       Deadline for entries to Eissey Theatre Show
                                     NCAA Meeting, 7PM Nevelson
MAY 18, Monday       Drop off art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
MAY 28, Thursday     Drop off art at Lighthouse, Art of Association, 10-12

Monday, April 6, 2015


The most important information this month is that the deadline for submitting images for Art of Association is April 15th! This is our summer show and will run from June 1 to August 13 at the Lighthouse Art Center. Virtually all art groups in the county will be represented. Art drop off is on May 28th, between 9-11.

There will be an awards ceremony at the June 18th Opening.

Members are invited to submit one image of a recently completed artwork to Linda Mathison at: mathisonLR@gmail.com.

Linda will then send you an entry form which should be brought, with your work, to the drop off.

The entry fee is $20 for LAC members and $30 for nonmembers and checks should be made out to Lighthouse Art Center.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

We are still meeting for Plein-air painting on Tuesday mornings this month. So far we are planning on being at DuBois Park.  The breeze is great and the benches make us very comfortable. The views are endless and very appealing. Again, call, to check on our location, if you are planning on coming out.

Our demonstrator this month is Beth Williams.  Some of you may know Beth.  She has shown at Artigras and is the resident artist at the PGA Spa and at Admirals Cove and several other country club communities. She will talk about her career and show some of her popular techniques.

Remember to generously donate to "D’art for Art" this year.

….  It is going to be A RED HOT D’ART FOR ART. ….

Julie Beaumont and I are the chairs and we are really going to try our best to make this a stellar event.

The Artist’s Party will be on Sunday, November 1st and D’Art is on Saturday, November 7th.
Tickets remain $250 for contributing artists…….The best deal in town.

 Have a great April.



APRIL 13, Monday              NCAA meeting, 7PM, Beth Williams demonstration

APRIL 15, Wednesday        Deadline for submission of images to Linda for Art of Association

APRIL 20, Monday              Drop off at Corner Cafe, 2:30….OH, I sold a painting this month!

TUESDAYS                         Plein-Air, 10AM


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It doesn’t seem possible, but we need to think about our entries for the summer exhibit  Art of Association at the Lighthouse.

Members will be able to enter one piece this year. 
Please send an image of a recently completed artwork to Linda Mathison at: MathisonLR@gmail.com

Linda will then send you an entry form and further instructions.
Our space is limited, so send your images sometime this month.
Images need to be to Linda by April 15th.
Entry fees are $20 for LAC members and $30 for non-members.

 Send them to:  NCAA, PO Box 3672, Tequesta, Fl. 33469

The Village Art Studios is having its big wine tasting evening on March 19th. …
3rd Thursday,  5:30-8
This year all contributions will go to the Loggerhead Marine Center. The theme is turtles and painted wine glasses will be available for a $10 contribution.
Join us.

NCAA is still exhibiting at Midtown in Palm Beach Gardens through March. We are open on Thursday nights from 6-8 when there are free concerts on the square.

This month I am going to put out a schedule of Plein-air locations for Tuesday mornings.
So, no excuses….come on out!

Bill Sabino will be demonstrating Plein-air techniques at this month’s meeting on March 9th.

Enjoy a beautiful March,


MARCH 9, Monday         NCAA meeting, 7PM,  Bill Sabino demonstration
MARCH 10, Tuesday       Plein-air, 10AM, Dubois Park
MARCH 16, Monday        Art drop off at Corner Cafe, 2:30
MARCH 17, Tuesday        Plein-air, 10AM, Dubois Park
MARCH 19, Thursday      Wine tasting at Village Art Studios, 5:30-8
MARCH 24, Tuesday        Plein-air, Jupiter Lighthouse, 10AM

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SPECIAL INVITATION from the Lighthouse ArtCenter

Dear Fellow Artists and Friends of the Lighthouse ArtCenter:
On February 28th, at 6:30 p.m., the Lighthouse ArtCenter is having a fun and artful fundraising event in our museum called: Art Dine & Dance Experience. It will be set in the art scene of the 1970s. You can let your inner artist free to create at interactive art stations, dine on delightful hors d’oeuvres and enjoy a delicious dinner by Little Moir’s Food Shack, then dance to the disco beat! No date required, we’ll all dance together!
The event supports our dynamic exhibitions, ArtCamp supplies and scholarships, community ArtReach, art education programs and cultural events.  I hope that you will consider supporting this event and have some fun, too!
To purchase tickets, please call me or  click here. 
(If you know someone who may be interesting in coming to the event and supporting our mission to bring the joy of art to all, kindly forward this email). 
Thanks so much!    
Katie Deits
Executive Director
Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum, Gallery & School of Art
Museum: (561) 746-3101    
373 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta, FL 33469
School of Art: (561) 748-8737
395 Seabrook Road, Tequesta, FL 33469

Monday, February 2, 2015



Please get your dues paid this month. 
Send $35 checks to: NCAA, PO Box 3672, Tequesta, Fl., 33469

Our February meeting is going to be the opening ceremony for the visitingTibetan Monks at the Lighthouse Art Center. The ceremony takes place at 7PM and all NCAA members are invited.  The monks will be creating a sand mandela in the gallery. If you are not a member of the Lighthouse, we will pay your entry fee…..Although, I do urge all North County artists to become members.  This is our community arts center and is invaluable to the quality of life we all enjoy here in South Florida. The Lighthouse has been a huge supporter of us as an arts organization as well.

For those of you who attended Art Palm Beach, I am sure that you enjoyed the great booth set up by the Lighthouse.  They showcased their upcoming Plein Air Festival, in March, and I hope that some of you will be involved.

The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antiques Show will be a the Convention Center from February 13-17.  They always have a nice collection of more traditional paintings and sculpture.

We really do have some fine opportunities to see top quality art during season.  The Norton is featuring a British landscape show and the Beth Rudin Dewoody collection: "The Triumph of Love” is opening on February 8th. The Society of the Four Arts is showing “American Treasures from the Farnsworth Museum”.

It’s busy, busy but we will continue with Plein Air on Tuesdays.

Every Thursday night, 6-8, NCAA is showing our art at Midtown.  At that time there is a band on the plaza and often Bill Sabino and Efrian Fay are painting amongst the crowd.  Come by.  We get interested walk ins.

Linda Mathison sent out information about the juried art show at the Jupiter Community Center.  I do hope that many of you are considering entering.  This is a first time event and I think that we should support their efforts.  Check it out…..

Tickets are still available for LAC’s Dine and Dance Party on February 28th….IT WILL BE FUN.  Linda Mathison, Julie Beaumont and I are putting together a table.

Enjoy the cool weather and lots of company!


FEBRUARY 9, Monday          Tibetan Monks at Lighthouse ( instead of NCAA meeting )7-8PM
FEBRUARY 13-17                   Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antiques Show
FEBRUARY 16, Monday         Change Art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
FEBRUARY 28, Saturday         Lighthouse Dine and Dance Party
TUESDAYS, 10-12                   Plein Air painting, call Bill
THURSDAYS, 6-8                    Painting at Midtown, NCAA Art Show

Linda Hastings and Billy Selsnick, former member, will be showing their work on Saturday , February 21st, from 4pm to 7pm  at The Barefoot Yoga Studio 4050 U.S. 1, Jupiter. Refreshments and appetizers will be provided . 

Monday, January 19, 2015


Two competitions are coming up that may be of interest to you.
Town of Jupiter Gallery of Art


An Exhibition of Paintings, Photographs & Graphics of Persons, Places, & Events that Capture the Essence of our Cultural Heritage.  Cash Awards.
Entry Deadline:  February 12, 2015

To enter online     http://www.jupiter.fl.us/FormCenter/Special-Events-23/Call-to-ArtistsDiversity-in-America-258
Or for more information and entry form email:  MathisonLR@gmail.com

 Also, our presenter this month, Durga Garcia sent us this from the On Line Gallery-Light Space and Time: 
4th Annual All Women On Line Art Competition

Entry Deadline:  February 24, 2015
For information go to:  http://www.lightspacetime.com/newsletter/4th-annual-all-women-online-art-competition/

It's a great way to get your art seen! 

Good Luck to All!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


DUES …..       DUES …..       DUES …..


Please send your dues to NCAA, Post Office Box 3672, Tequesta, Florida, 33469  OR, bring your check to our January meeting.

The Opening at Midtown is this Thursday night, January 8th,  5:30-7:30.  The season has started and there will be music on the square every Thursday. The exhibit will be open on Thursdays, when there is music.  It would be great if some of you could pick a night to open the venue. If you have not submitted a piece, you are welcome to bring your work this Thursday night at 5:30.

Several artists are also submitting Installation pieces…..it should be fun….Check it out! Lots of people come to Midtown for the music so there is potential for many of them to come over to see our art and learn about the Lighthouse Art Center.

Plein-Air continues to be on Tuesday mornings at 10.  Please call Bill Sabino….757-871-2808…. for information each week.

And, don’t forget that the 2nd Annual Plein-Air Festival at the Lighthouse Art Center this March. Deadline for entries to this four day event and exhibit is February 4th.  Total awards will total $10,000….Give it a try!

Art Palm Beach is from January 21 to 25th at the Convention Center. Besides being a wonderful show, they host very high quality art talks each afternoon. If you didn’t get the chance to see Art Basel in Miami in December, then this show is not to be missed. They bring art to us from the international arena that local museums can only dream about.

Our presenter this month will be Durga Garcia, a very well known professional photographer.  She will talk about marketing your work and has hand-out material that should be really helpful. I hope that she brings some examples of her work as well.

Watch for the opening of “ Contempo” at the Lighthouse this month.  It will be their first exhibit submitted through Juried Art Services and there are international entrants.  This exhibit coincides  with the very contemporary, Art Palm Beach Show.

The Lighthouse Art Center and the Village Art Studios are participating in Art Synergy during Art Palm Beach this year.   We will be representing the northern part of Palm Beach County for this event and hopefully, word will get out around the county.

Oh, last but not least……The Tea and Fashion Show at the Lighthouse is this Saturday, 2-4:30
Tickets are still available and a lot of work has gone into making this a spectacular event, definitely not to be missed. Dress up in your finest, especially, artful attire and join us…..tea and shopping, what could be better?!!

Have a wonderful month and enjoy the art!


JANUARY 6, Tuesday           Plein-air, 10AM
JANUARY 8, Thursday         Opening at Midtown, 5:30-7:30
JANUARY 10, Saturday        Tea and Fashion Show, 2-4:30, LAC
JANUARY 12, Monday         NCAA meeting, 7PM, Durga Garcia presenting
JANUARY 13, Tuesday         Plein-air, 10AM
JANUARY 19, Monday         Deliver art to Corner Cafe, 2:30
JANUARY 20, Tuesday         Plein-air, 10AM
JANUARY 21-25                   Art Palm Beach
JANUARY 27, Tuesday         Plein-air, 10AM