JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Monday, October 27, 2014


The cooler weather means that we will be starting our Plein-Aire painting again. It would be wonderful if more of you started joining our group.  We enjoy getting together and sharing this experience. The Lighthouse Art Center is once again hosting a Plein-Aire Festival in March and we want to be ready!

Once again, NCAA has been given the opportunity by LAC, to show our art at the Midtown Center. Hopefully, the area will continue to grow and an exhibit there will be worthwhile exposure for us. Bring your art to the space at Midtown on PGA Boulevard, across from Christopher's Kitchen, on Thursday, November 13, between 10 and 12.

Our November 10th meeting will be an interesting and important one for all members. Katie Deits let me know that the Lighthouse has hired a Juried Art Service to select artwork for their shows.  This means that entries need to be properly photographed for submission. Our meeting will explain about this service and will discuss photographing your work. Please try to be there so that you can be sure to successfully enter future shows.

Your Board decided to give our student scholarships early so that we could qualify for the matching grant that was due by October 31st.  Four children will benefit because our $500 gift became $1,000.

Election of officers will take place at the December meeting.  Please consider joining in. We'll talk about this at the November meeting.

If you haven't contributed to D'Art....you still have a day or two to consider it. The Artists Party is on November 1st....and it is FABULOUS! There are still a few D'Art tickets and they are greatly reduced for generous artists.

The Lighthouse Art Center is once again hosting a bus trip to Art Basel on December 4th. Katie Deits and I will be available to take groups around the show and point out booths  and work that we think are significant.  Act fast.....These tickets go quickly!

Happy Thanksgiving!

NOVEMBER 1, Saturday               Artist Party for D'Art, 5:30
NOVEMBER 4, Tuesday                Plein-aire painting, Dubois Park, Jupiter Inlet, 10AM
NOVEMBER 5, Wednesday           Chamber Music at Lighthouse Art Center, 7:30................WONDERFUL         ( tickets available at the door)
NOVEMBER 8, Saturday               D'Art For Art Event
NOVEMBER 10, Monday               NCAA meeting, 7PM, Photographing your work
NOVEMBER 11, Tuesday              Plein-aire painting, Jupiter Lighthouse, behind the visitors center, 10AM
NOVEMBER 13, Thursday            Bring art to Midtown Center, 10AM-noon
NOVEMBER 17, Monday              Pick up art at the Jupiter Community Center, 9-12
                                                       Drop off art at the Corner Cafe, 2:30
NOVEMBER 18, Tuesday              Plein-aire painting, parking lot of Gallery Square North, 10AM


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