JUNE 2018

JUNE 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Our December 8th Holiday Celebration meeting will once again feature pizza and Art exchange. This has been a successful evening and we will try it once more.  I really enjoy having a piece of Art created by my friends.

Bill Sabino will be bringing the pizza and I hope that each of you will add a small painting or artwork for the exchange.

The election of officers will also take place on that night.  Nominations remain open until the meeting. Board meetings are open to all members and we look forward to your ideas.

President: Gerri Aurre
VP Venues: Katy DiGioia
VP Communications: Linda Mathison
VP Refreshments: Karen Reinhart, Tess Lindsay, Linda Hastings
Secretary: Virginia Furey
Treasurer: Bill Sabino

Plein aire this month will be on Tuesdays at 10AM.
Contact Bill Sabino, 757-871-2808, for location.

Linda Mathison and I have installed Art at Midtown.  The paintings are quite visible through the windows. We will not have an Opening until January when the Thursday concerts on the plaza begin. This year we are hoping to take further advantage of the space with the addition of Installation pieces. If you are interested in adding your work, please contact Linda or myself to let us know how much space you will need.

Have Very Happy and Healthy Holidays!

MEMBER NEWS:  Barbara Carswell will be having an exhibit at the Juno Beach Town Center.  Open reception is Friday, December 12th from 5:30-7 p.m.


DECEMBER 2-7                     Art Basel Miami
DECEMBER 8, Monday         NCAA Holiday meeting, 7PM, Lighthouse Art Center
DECEMBER 9, Tuesday        Plein aire, 10AM
DECEMBER 12, Friday        Barbara Carswell Opening, Juno Beach, 5:30
DECEMBER 15, Monday       Change paintings at Corner Cafe, 2:30
DECEMBER 16, Tuesday      Plein aire, 10AM
DECEMBER 23, Tuesday      Plein aire, 10AM

Monday, October 27, 2014


The cooler weather means that we will be starting our Plein-Aire painting again. It would be wonderful if more of you started joining our group.  We enjoy getting together and sharing this experience. The Lighthouse Art Center is once again hosting a Plein-Aire Festival in March and we want to be ready!

Once again, NCAA has been given the opportunity by LAC, to show our art at the Midtown Center. Hopefully, the area will continue to grow and an exhibit there will be worthwhile exposure for us. Bring your art to the space at Midtown on PGA Boulevard, across from Christopher's Kitchen, on Thursday, November 13, between 10 and 12.

Our November 10th meeting will be an interesting and important one for all members. Katie Deits let me know that the Lighthouse has hired a Juried Art Service to select artwork for their shows.  This means that entries need to be properly photographed for submission. Our meeting will explain about this service and will discuss photographing your work. Please try to be there so that you can be sure to successfully enter future shows.

Your Board decided to give our student scholarships early so that we could qualify for the matching grant that was due by October 31st.  Four children will benefit because our $500 gift became $1,000.

Election of officers will take place at the December meeting.  Please consider joining in. We'll talk about this at the November meeting.

If you haven't contributed to D'Art....you still have a day or two to consider it. The Artists Party is on November 1st....and it is FABULOUS! There are still a few D'Art tickets and they are greatly reduced for generous artists.

The Lighthouse Art Center is once again hosting a bus trip to Art Basel on December 4th. Katie Deits and I will be available to take groups around the show and point out booths  and work that we think are significant.  Act fast.....These tickets go quickly!

Happy Thanksgiving!

NOVEMBER 1, Saturday               Artist Party for D'Art, 5:30
NOVEMBER 4, Tuesday                Plein-aire painting, Dubois Park, Jupiter Inlet, 10AM
NOVEMBER 5, Wednesday           Chamber Music at Lighthouse Art Center, 7:30................WONDERFUL         ( tickets available at the door)
NOVEMBER 8, Saturday               D'Art For Art Event
NOVEMBER 10, Monday               NCAA meeting, 7PM, Photographing your work
NOVEMBER 11, Tuesday              Plein-aire painting, Jupiter Lighthouse, behind the visitors center, 10AM
NOVEMBER 13, Thursday            Bring art to Midtown Center, 10AM-noon
NOVEMBER 17, Monday              Pick up art at the Jupiter Community Center, 9-12
                                                       Drop off art at the Corner Cafe, 2:30
NOVEMBER 18, Tuesday              Plein-aire painting, parking lot of Gallery Square North, 10AM


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


All of a sudden.....with the approaching change of seasons, the local art scene is again heating up! Thank goodness...I just love it when the air cools down and we all get back to work.

First of all, the Lighthouse Art Center is hosting a visit to the Boca Museum on October 17th.
This trip is scheduled for the last day of the All Florida Artists Show. I was at the Opening Night Event and I can tell you that it is a wonderful show....and not to be missed.

The cost is $35 and is from 10-4. Call for a seat on the bus.....Support the Lighthouse Art Center. It will be a great day. Purchase tickets on http://www.lighthousearts.org/tours.html or call (561) 746-3101.

 Our annual show at the Jupiter Community Center opens this Friday night, October 10th from 6-8. This event is sponsored by the Jupiter Art Committee and they really work very hard on our behalf. The show is housed in a space that offers us a lot of local exposure throughout the month. Stop by for very fine refreshments.

It is D'Art donation time.  Please bring in your artwork by Monday, October 27th.
We hope that you will consider donating a piece of art to D’Art for Art this year. Your contributions make this successful event possible!

This year artists are invited to attend the event at a greatly reduced price.....So, do consider attending! Julie Beaumont and I are hard at work (not really....HARD....we LOVE doing it) creating the centerpieces for the tables that will celebrate the 1964 founding of the Lighthouse.
I think that D'Art is the most fun ever and I urge you all to donate generously.
The Artists Appreciation Party, on November 1st, is a fabulous event.

Our presenting artist at the October NCAA meeting, on Monday, October 13th, is Katie Colazzio. I absolutely love her work and have 2 of her pieces prominently displayed in my home.
Katie is a free spirit who is immensely entertaining and insightful about her work. She will talk about how she approaches abstraction and I think that you will find her liberating.

Lastly, come join us at The Village Art Studios on Thursday, October 30th, for our Halloween Party...and...Pot luck.
Costumes are ESSENTIAL attire.
Bring a dish or a bottle of wine........5:30-8.

Be creative,


October 10, Friday            Last day for Boca Museum reservations
October 11, Saturday        Chamber music at Lighthouse Art Center, 7:30
October 13, Monday         NCAA Meeting, 7PM, Katie Collazzio presenting
October 16, Thursday       3rd Thursday at Gallery Square , 5:30
October 17, Friday            Boca Museum trip
October 20, Monday         Change art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
October 27, Monday         Last day for D'Art contributions
October 30, Thursday       Halloween Pot Luck Party at Village Art Studios, 5:30-8


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


As you know, there is no August meeting.

Many of you have work in "Art of Association" Show, so, we can possibly get together this 2ND THURSDAY, August 14th, 5:30-7:30, at the Lighthouse, for the final night of the exhibit.
Your work can be taken home at 7:30 that night or on Friday or Saturday, 10-Noon.

I am planning on asking Cara McKinley to do a clay demonstration for us at the September meeting. Katie Deits has invited the NCAA to participate in Palm Beach Food Bank's "Empty Bowls" event. We will be making soup bowls at the October meeting in the Lighthouse School facility. This will give us a whole month to come up with creative, fun ideas.....and, be ready for working in clay.
Clay demo is on September 8th, 7PM.
Creating bowls in clay is on October 13th, at the school.

Once again, we have been asked to exhibit our work at the Jupiter Community Center. The dates for this show are October 10 to November 14. Entry forms will be available soon.  Email Linda Mathison at MathisonLR@gmail.com to request a form.

I was just at the opening of the All Florida Show at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. It is well worth a visit and there are some very good restaurants right on the plaza at Misner Park.

Let us know if you have any leads or ideas for art exhibits.  We are always looking for new venues.

Welcome back to Penny Robb!!!!! 
Penny is looking great and is her fabulous self once again.

AUGUST 14, Thursday          Last night of Art of Association at the Lighthouse ArtCenter        2ND THURSDAY, 5:30-7:30 Artwork can be taken home at 7:30
AUGUST 15&16                    Artwork to be taken home 10-Noon
SEPTEMBER 8, Monday      NCAA meeting, 7 PM  Clay Demo
SEPTEMBER 15, Monday    2:30, Change art at Corner Cafe


Saturday, July 5, 2014


Congratulations to NCAA winners at Art of Association:
       Rick Lewis, First Place for "Egrets and Sabals"
       Diane Hutchinson, Honorable Mention  "Still life with Pears"

Pick up of art is on August 15th.

              7PM, JULY 14th

There is no NCAA meeting in August.

Have a great summer of travel and relaxation.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Note to readers: Double click on "MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT"
This will take you to the actual Blog.  You will find pictures taken by Linda Mathison, as well as the monthly calendar....

Well, Hello Summer!
Many of us will be off on wonderful adventures.  Perhaps we should save one of our meetings for special photos and stories. Travel From the Artist's Eye...Sounds good!

It seems that there is much more to do now in South Florida during the summer. One of the ongoing events that I thoroughly enjoy are the Salons hosted by Elle Schorr, at the Armory Art Center.  She always has interesting artists speaking about their work and they are usually from South Palm Beach, Broward and Dade. These salons are on the first and third Tuesdays at 6:30.

Art of Association will be opening on June 9th.  Our meeting is that night and Katy DiGioia will be inviting our participating artists to talk about their entries.  We have over 30 participants and our work will be in the West Gallery.  Linda Mathison and Julie Beaumont will hang the exhibit.

This is an exhibit that features work by so many of the art groups in the area because Katie Deits is incredibly encouraging to local artists.

Enjoy Summer,


JUNE 3, Tuesday                    Drop off entry for Art of Association, 9-11
JUNE 9, Monday                    NCAA meeting, 7PM, Katy DiGioia will introduce artists in the show
JUNE 16, Monday                  Drop off at Corner Cafe, 2:30
JUNE 19, Thursday                Awards at Art of Association, 5:30-7:30

Sunday, May 4, 2014


It is a beautiful, cool and breezy Sunday morning in May and I plan on getting outside to enjoy it as soon as I am finished here!

Last month I neglected to mention two additional NCAA winners in the Member-Student show... and I apologize.  Congratulations to you both.  We really did VERY well as a group this year. Carol Ellis won 1st Place for her Pastel and Jean Hockstetler received a 2nd Place in Watercolor and Pastels.

Entries for Art of Association are to be sent to Linda, MathisonLR@gmail.com by May 16th.  It would be easiest if only your favorite piece was submitted, as our wall share is limited and I hope to include everyone. We will confirm included entries by the 19th.

Drop off is between 9 and 11 on Thursday, May 29th.
Please bring your checks, made out to NCAA, and your completed entry forms.
The show opens on Thursday, June 5th.

The NCAA  presents $25 awards to students at the annual Student Show.
Elementary School: 
Steven Flores, Grade 5, Palm Beach Gardens Elementary, "Gothic Cathedral"
Middle School:
Fiona Boldt, Grade 8, Watson B. Duncan MS, "We're All Mad"
High School:
Makenzie Black, Grade 9, Dreyfoos School of the Arts, "I-Scream"
$100 was donated to the Martin County Special Needs Program and a ribbon was presented
to Jasmine Marcado, Grade 12, for her picture, "Lady"

There is an NCAA Board Meeting next Monday, May 12, at noon in the Village Art Studios. Lunch will be served.

Our demonstrator this month is going to be photographer,  Melinda Moore.  She is a traveler who is interested in the soulfulness of people and nature. Light is a key ingredient in her work.

Have a good month.


Note:  To add our BLOG page to your favorites and view at anytime, copy and paste to your browser/search: www.northcountyartassociationnewsletter.blogspot.com


MAY 12, Monday              NCAA meeting, 7PM, Lighthouse ArtCenter, M
elinda Moore presenting
MAY 16, Friday                 Last day for submitting entries to Art of Association
MAY 19, Monday              Drop off art at Corner Cafe 2:30
MAY 29, Thursday            Drop off art at Lighthouse Art Center,9-11 for Art of Association
JUNE 5, Thursday             Art of Association opens 5:30-7:30

Sunday, April 6, 2014



Tess received "Best in Show" at the Member/Student Show at the Lighthouse ArtCenter. To add to this honor, her piece was sold on opening night!

This was just the " icing on the cake" for Tess, after she made the decision not to leave Florida. She is really at home right here with her many friends.

Two other very fine artists, Mary Auble, Carol Grillo, and  Quince Quaintance received Honorable Mention Awards. Bravo!

The next show on our calendar is: "Art of Association" at the Lighthouse ArtCenter. This is a blockbuster summer show that Katie Deits established to encourage cooperation and inclusion in the South Florida Art community. It grows every year and highlights the huge varity of work being done all around this area.
NCAA artists can get entry forms from Linda Mathison:  MathisonLR@gmail.com    This is a juried show so Jpegs of your work must be submitted to Linda by May 16th.  We will contact artists by May 19th. The fee for members of the Lighthouse ArtCenter is $20 and $30 for nonmembers. 

Drop off  Art on May 16th, between 10 and 12.  Entry forms and fee can be submitted then.
The show opens on June 5th. Awards and Reception are on June 19th.
A discussion by the associations will be on July 17th.
The last day of the show is on August 14th, with pick up on August 15-16.
There will be more details later on the Blog.

Debbie Mostel will be our presenter at the April 14th NCAA meeting. Debbie is a multi-media artist and has created a wide body of work.  She's fun and it should be a good evening.

I want to say a very big personal THANK YOU to the Lighthouse ArtCenter for giving me the Shine Award this year. As I have said so many times, they are the heart of our community of artists, and it is my great pleasure to do what I can to help them function successfully.

The events they plan every year are wonderful and it takes a lot of effort by a lot of people. Katie and her team are tireless and so very welcoming to everyone. They have even bigger and better plans for the coming season and there is always a need for more help.

We will be returning to Plein-aire on Tuesdays at 10. 
Enjoy the beautiful weather in April.



APRIL  8, Tuesday                          Plein-aire at Juno Pier, 10AM
APRIL 14, Monday                         NCAA meeting, 7PM, Debbie Mostel presenting
APRIL 15, Tuesday                         Plein air at Juno Pier, 10AM
APRIL 21, Monday                         Change art Corner Cafe, 2:30
APRIL 22, Tuesday                         Plein air Jupiter Inlet pier 10
APRIL 22-23                                   Pick up art at Lighthouse
APRIL 29, Tuesday                         Plein air Dubois Park, 10

Monday, March 3, 2014


The Lighthouse Art Center is currently exhibiting a show by the Blue Water Editions that should be very interesting to all artists. Katie Deits will be hosting an illustrated discussion with Jason Leonard at our March meeting, that will be easy to understand, about the variety of ways that images can be reproduced.

The closing date for the show at Midtown has been changed to Friday, March 14th, between 10 and 12. Try to join us for the last two openings on Thursday, March 6 and 13.  There is music on the square from 6 to 8 and we have been having a number of people who have stopped  by to ask questions and admire our work.

Also, it would be nice if members supported our two new restaurant venues: The Sugar Cane Cafe and Carmela's Restaurant.

The Student-Member Show at LAC is this month.  It really is worthwhile becoming a member of the Lighthouse NOW.  Pick up an entry form at the museum. Drop off of art is Saturday, March 15, 2-5, and Monday, March 17, 9-12.

See you at our meeting on Monday, March 10th.


MARCH 6, Thursday                 Midtown show and music, 6-8
MARCH 7, Friday                      Plein air painting, 10AM, Dubois Park
MARCH 10, Monday                NCAA Meeting, 7PM, Katie Deits and Jason Leonard, New Technology in Art
MARCH 13, Thursday              Last night at Midtown, 6-8
MARCH 14, Friday                   Take down at Midtown, 10-12
MARCH 15, Saturday               Drop off for Student-Member Show at Lighthouse, 2-5
MARCH 17, Monday                 Drop off Student-Member Show, 9-12
                                                    Drop off at Corner Cafe, 2:30
MARCH 28, Friday                    Plein air painting, 10AM, Riverbend Park

Monday, February 3, 2014


There are lots of things happening in our local Art World this month.

First of all, NCAA has an exhibit at Midtown in Palm Beach Gardens. The Lighthouse ArtCenter has generously given us their space until March 10th. Twenty six members are showing their work.  It was a great response in such a short time.  There is music on the plaza on every Thursday night, so we will be open from about 5:30 until 8.  A number of artists will be painting on the plaza....come and join them!

We have a new venue here in Jupiter.  North County will be showing our work at the newly opened Sugar Cane Island Bistro on US1. I did a call to  artists at the Midtown opening and we hung work this past Friday.  It looks GOOD. We will change the art every 3 months.  Hopefully, the restaurant will be successful and we will get some sales.

A number of you should be very interested in the upcoming Plein Air Festival at LAC. This is a four day event from March 20-23.  It will be exciting and fun.  Entry forms can be picked up at the museum.

There are two major Art Fairs at the Convention Center this month.  Fine Art International is from Feb. 4-9. Fine Art and Jewelry Show is from Feb. 14-18.  Both of these shows offer lectures each afternoon and they are very good.

Watch for the upcoming Annual Member/Student Show at the Lighthouse.  Drop off will be on March 15th.

The LighthouseArtCenter's 50th Anniversary Ball is on March 8th at Mirasol Country Club.  Tickets are still available.

Linda Mathison is giving the demo in February.  She is going to put us to work on image transfer techniques that can be applied to canvas or paper. I think that this can offer us so many opportunities to expand our creativity in paintings and drawing.   

If you haven't sent in your dues yet.....Don't forget......$35 to: NCAA, PO Box 3672, Tequesta, FL  33469

Happy Valentine's Day,


February 4-9                   Fine Art International Show, Convention Center
February 7, Friday          Plein air painting, Riverbend Park, 10AM
February 10, Monday      NCAA meeting, 7PM, Linda Mathison, demonstrator
February 11, Tuesday     Drop off art at Boulevard Restaurant, 2PM
February 14, Friday        Plein air painting, Sawfish Bay Park, Jupiter, 10AM
February 14-18              Fine Art and Jewelry Show, Convention Center
February 17, Monday     Drop off art for Pop Art Show
February 17, Monday     Drop off art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
February 21, Friday        Plein air painting, Juno Pier, 10AM
February 28, Friday        Plein air painting, Dubois Park, 10AM


Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We have been invited by the Lighthouse ArtCenter to exhibit our work at their Midtown Gallery!

Paid members can bring up to four pieces of their work to the Midtown Gallery at 4877 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens on Saturday, January 18th between 10 a.m. and Noon.  Work must be wired for hanging with information card attached to the back of your pieces.  Work must be "family-friendly".  There is no fee to enter.  Artists will receive 60% on the sale of their work at the exhibition and a 40% commission will go to the Lighthouse ArtCenter.

Saturday, January 18th           Drop off work 10a.m.-Noon
Thursday, January 30th          Opening Reception 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Monday, March 10th              Last day of exhibition
Tuesday, March 11th              Art pick-up  10a.m.-2 p.m.

Contact Gerri Aurre at 561-707-8563 or email gerriaurre@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Monday, January 6, 2014


Happy New Year !!

Please remember:  Dues are due for 2014
Bring your check for $35 to our meeting next Monday or send to:  NCAA, P.O. Box 3672, Tequesta, FL 33469

Our meeting next Monday, January 13th, should be interesting.  Reps from Jerry's Artarama  will be joining us to show an array of new and interesting products.

At The Lighthouse Art Center 3rd Thursday event there will be a panel discussion about Art Basel, Miami. Katie Deits, Judy Flesher and I were in Miami for the week and will be offering pictures and opinions about what we experienced this year.

Art Palm Beach is scheduled for the West Palm Beach Convention Center from January 24-27.  Usually, the lectures each day are quite good as well as the fabulous exhibits.

Do not miss the Phyllida Barlow exhibit at the Norton Museum !!!!  I definitely will talk about this artist at 3rd Thursday. Also, the Norton has wonderful programs each Thursday night.  They have definitely become a destination.

Another Art destination are the Salons hosted by Ellie Shorr at the Armory every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 6:30. They are always interesting gatherings of creative people.

Save the dates:  Plein Air Festival at the Lighthouse, March 20-23.
It sounds like a great way to meet artists and share in a fun event.

Have a great month,


JANUARY 10, Friday                           Plein air painting, 10AM........Sawfish Park,  Alt.A1A ,Jupiter
JANUARY 13, Monday                       NCAA Meeting, 7PM
JANUARY 16, Thursday                     LAC Panel Discussion: Art Basel
JANUARY 17, Friday                           Plein air painting, 10AM.........behind Jetty's restaurant
JANUARY 20, Monday                       Change paintings at Corner Cafe, 2:30
JANUARY 24-27                                  Art Palm Beach
JANUARY 24, Friday                           Plein air painting, 10AM..........Grassy Waters, NPB
JANUARY 31, Friday                           Plein air painting, 10AM.........Riverbend Park, Jupiter