JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Thank you to all artists who donated to D'Art for Art this year....A bigger "Thank You" to those who gave more than one piece!
Recently, someone told me that they were hesitant to donate too much of their work because they felt that they were giving it away. I found this disturbing, and it took me a few minutes to figure out why and how to respond. Then I recalled that at the start of each season at the Kravitz Center, the General Manager comes onto the stage and tells the audience that the price of their ticket does not cover costs.  They depend on donors in order to serve the community.
To me, the Lighthouse Center serves our community extremely well.  I cannot be a large dollar donator, but I can give generously through my art.   D'Art is a fund raising event that helps pays the bills! Also, giving better pieces makes me proud to have my work shown in someone's home and this is GOOD ADVERTISING.
Yes, be selective in choosing where you donate.
The Lighthouse Art Center is MY number one choice.
The show this month at the Jupiter Community Center is another venue that gets a lot of local attention.  Everyone who attends classes or goes to community meetings walks by.  I attended a special showing that was part of a cocktail party given by the town the other night and the feedback was very good.  I hope that even more of you participate next year.
Paint something about FOOD and bring it to Kitchen Works, on Indiantown Road, on November 12th.
NCAA had a very good meeting last month.  Sibel Kocabasi did a video presentation of her body of work.  It was interesting watching her journey through years of artistic development and the changes that came about in her Art.

This month Ted Matz is going to discuss color and talk about his Plein-aire painting.  It should also be a fine evening.
NOVEMBER 2, Saturday               D'Art Artists Party, 5:30-7:30
NOVEMBER 5, Tuesday                Plein-aire painting, Dubois Park, 10AM
NOVEMBER 7, Thursday               Pick up at Eissey Theatre, 10-12
NOVEMBER 9, Saturday                National Oil Painters Paintout 9AM Grassy Waters                  Contact Manon Sanders: 415-606-7685 

NOVEMBER 9, Saturday               D'Art For Art, 6-10

NOVEMBER 11, Monday              NCAA Meeting, 7:PM, LAC Museum, Ted Matz demonstrator

NOVEMBER 12, Tuesday              Pick up at Jupiter Community Center, 9-12
    Drop off of Art at Kitchen Works,     11AM...Art about food is best

NOVEMBER 18,Monday               Board Meeting, Noon, Village Art Studios
                                                        Drop off Corner Cafe, 2:30
NOVEMBER 19, Tuesday             Plein-aire painting, behind Lighthouse History Museum, 10AM

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