JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This month brings the Art of Association Show at the Lighthouse Art Center.   We are so lucky to have this opportunity...again, Thank you, Katie Deits!  We've received the entries and drop-off of art is set for May 29th.  I will be contacting all entrants by Email to gather all pertinent information. This exhibit will run from June 3 to August 16 and includes many groups from all around South Florida.
We have been invited to have four of our artists display their work at the Juno Town Hall this summer. The four artists this year will be: Efrian Fay, Carol Frezza, Linda Hastings and Bill Sabino.  They were selected because work should look well together. The Opening date will be in our June issue.
The artists who have been hanging work at " Kitchen Works" will be having a cooking session there on Thursday night...should be fun!
The All Florida Juried Art Show is opening at the Boca Museum on May 8th.  This is a chance to see very current, high quality work from around the state. It's well worth the trip.
For those of you who haven't joined the Norton Museum recently, I would suggest that you check out their website. They have really expanded their program of lectures and gallery talks. Also, their" Museum After Dark " Thursday nights offer music as well as art and will take place all summer.
Our demonstrator this month is April Davis.  She paints extremely large Florida landscapes and has her studio on US 1 in Tequesta.  April is busy all winter on the art show circuit around the state.
I am looking forward to my June trip to the Venice Biennale!!!  It is the most prestigious art show in the world and should be very exciting.!!!!! Over seventy countries are invited this year and each will send one very avant-garde artist to represent them.  Lately the art has mainly been
huge installation work and the city is just bursting with it.  Many world famous artists received their initial recognition after showing in Venice. If I am able to take good pictures of the art,  I will do a Venice night when I return.
Happy travels to many of you.
Please let us know if you have good news to share......won awards, sold work, gone somewhere special.
May 13, Monday        NCAA Meeting, 7PM    April Davis, demonstrator
May 20, Monday        Drop off art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
May, 29, Wednesday  Drop off art for Art of Association Show            

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