JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Monday, April 1, 2013


The winter season will be ending by late April and I think that will mean that many of us can actually spend more time painting!

We have had a wealth of art activities at the Convention Center and many fine local exhibits.
Those of us who do Plein-aire Tuesdays will continue through April.  It's one of my favorite activities each week and I expect to attend open studio on Wednesdays at the Lighthouse Art Center through the summer.
Two of our members received awards at the Student / Member Show.
Congratulations to: Suzanne Todd, 1st Place, Watercolor
                                   Joe Pierre, 2nd Place, Portraits
The next exhibition opportunity for NCAA is the Art of Association at the Lighthouse Center.
This show will be from June 3 to August 15.
Please send up to 3 images to Linda at
MathisonLR@gmail.com by May 1st.
We will let you know which entries will be included in the show and then we will ask for checks by
May 18th.
Entry is $20 for LAC members, $30 for non members.
We have also been invited to exhibit the work of four NCAA artists at the Juno Town Hall this summer.  The Board will choose artists whose work we feel will show well together.
Our demonstrator this month will be Dawn Miller from Vero.  She is a pastel artist and she will be talking about luminous landscapes.  Check out her website.
Enjoy the weather!
APRIL 8, Monday               NCAA meeting, 7PM
APRIL 9, Tuesday               Plein-aire, 10AM, behind Jetty's Restaurant
APRIL 15, Monday             Change paintings at Corner Cafe, 2:30
APRIL 16, Tuesday            Plein-aire, 10AM, Jupiter Yacht Club, US1
APRIL 22, Monday            Pick up Student/Member Show
APRIL 23, Tuesday            Plein-aire, 10AM, Juno Pier
MAY 1, Wednesday            Deadline for entries to Art of Association to Linda

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