JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last meeting we had a wonderful presentation by Nilda Comas.  We were all treated to an insiders view of the foundry in Pietrasanta, Italy where she builds and casts her fabulous sculptures.  Nilda has kept an apartment there for the last twenty years where she works on her own and with other artists such as the Colombian artist, Botero.
We are fortunate to have her here at the Lighthouse Art Center as our sculpture instructor.
Nilda offers two trips yearly to Pietrasanta, in northern Tuscany, to sculpt and savor the Italian experience.  Check out the brochure at the front desk at LAC.
After the meeting many of us were all abuzz about renting a villa......ummmm.......tempting!
Anyway, next year I am planning on spending time in Venice at the Biannale, so I probably will make my way across northern Italy to the Cinque Terre region.  In fact, Carol Frezza is there right now...lucky her!
The May/June schedule is full of important dates.   We have the Art of Association show at the Lighthouse Art Center and the summer show at FAU.
Our June presenter will be Nina Fusco.  She will talk about working with paper.
MAY 29, Tuesday         Drop off art at LAC for Art of Association, 10a.m.-12Noon
JUNE 1, Friday              Opening of Art of Association
JUNE 1, Friday              Drop off art at the Atrium at FAU, 10:30a.m.-12:30p.m.

                                           Note:  This is a revised drop-off date.

JUNE 11, Monday        NCAA meeting, 7PM, Nina Fusco demonstration
JUNE 18, Monday        Change art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
JUNE 21, Thursday     Opening and Prizes, Art of Association Show, LAC, 5:30-7:30

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