JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Thursday, April 26, 2012


The winter season is sadly coming to an end but I'm sure that many of you have terrific summer adventures planned.  Not to be outdone, NCAA has several big summer events planned as well.  There will be dates to save on your calendars.
First and foremost, is The Art of Association Show at the Lighthouse Art Center.  This event will give us exposure with six other art groups from around Florida and includes two reception evenings.  I am looking forward to seeing a great variety of art and meeting many other artists.
The FAU Show has become an annual event and is in a great, big, space.  This show can accommodate larger entries and I hope that you don't take the theme so literally!  It would be great to really push the envelope here...especially as it is a university setting.
Our May meeting will feature Nilda Comas, a sculptress, who comes up from Ft. Lauderdale to teach at LAC School.  
Her class looks wonderful and she will discuss her work with us and talk about a workshop she is giving in Tuscany.
I will be feeding my soul throughout these hot months with several trips that I have planned and am eager to begin.  Let's talk travel at one of our meetings.....How about July???  I am sure that we all have art that was inspired by places we've been!
Happy days,
MAY 8, Tuesday            Last day for entries to Linda for Art of Association Show
MAY 14, Monday           NCAA Meeting, Nilda Comas, demonstrator
MAY 15, Tuesday          Drop off art at Boulevard restaurant
MAY 21, Monday           Drop off art at Corner Cafe
MAY 29, Tuesday          Drop off art for Art of Association
JUNE 4, Monday           Drop off art at FAU
JUNE 21, Thursday      Opening and prizes at Art of Association

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