JUNE 2018

JUNE 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Here we are again....in the midst of another busy holiday season.!!
NCAA will be celebrating on December 10th at the Lighthouse Art Center.  This year Bill Sabino will be bringing pizzas and we will follow this with dessert, of course.
Bring a small painting and we will do a holiday art exchange....Should be fun.
The first week in December means ART BASEL, MIAMI.  More of you are planning on a trip down and I hope that it will be an amazing and enlightening experience!
I will be in Miami for a few days with Katie Diets, Judy Fleisher and Susan Barton.   We should be able to bring back some exciting ideas for our local art scene. The art is all over the city.  It takes days to even attempt to cover over 20 venues.  Art Basel, at the Convention Center in Miami Beach and Art Miami ,in the Wynwood District, are an absolute must see.
We have been invited by The Town of Jupiter, Art Committee, to participate in a FAVORITE PET OR ANIMAL SHOW. NCAA has been offered a special discounted entry fee of $5.  This show will include photographs, paintings, drawings and sculptures. This show is from March 1st to April 26th.  Entries must be submitted by January 14th. Contact Linda Mathison at:
MATHISONLR@gmail.com  for the form.
Katy DiGioia, Karen Reinhart and I have confirmed several working dates with the Lighthouse Historical Society.  Kathy Glover at the Lighthouse was very helpful and encouraging. We will be having a pleine-aire day, right at the base of the Lighthouse, on Friday, February 22nd from 10 to 2. Additionally, we will have a painting day and show on Saturday, March 23rd.  This will be on the lawn behind the museum.
 This is taking place during baseball season when the Lighthouse is busiest.
On February 9th, the Historical Society is having its dinner/dance: "Rock the Light" and they would appreciate donations of paintings of the lighthouse.
Also, we are about to be offering a new display area at "Kitchen Works!" in Jupiter.  Thanks to Penny Robb for suggesting us to her friend, Doreen. It sounds like they will be teaching really interesting cooking classes and I hope that Doreen finds great success.  She will be installing display ledges for easy installation of our artwork.  Check it out at: www.kitchenworksjupiter.com
The Holiday Sale at Gallery Square North is on Friday, December 7th, from 5:30 to 7:30.
Happy and Healthy Holidays to all!
DECEMBER 4-9                           ART BASEL, MIAMI
DECEMBER 7, Friday                 Gallery Square Art Walk- Square North, 5:30-7:30
DECEMBER 10, Monday            Christmas Party, NCAA .   7PM at Lighthouse Art Center........Bring a small painting!!!!!!!!!
DECEMBER 11, Tuesday          Pleine-aire painting, 10AM at Dubois Park
DECEMBER 17, Monday           Change paintings at Corner Cafe
DECEMBER 18, Tuesday          Pleine-aire painting, 10AM at Dubois Park

Quince Quaintance received “Best in Show”  at the LAC Landscape Show.
 Lynn Morgan received “ Second Place” in the Landscape Show.

Bill Sabino took “Third Place” at the Petersburg Reginal Art Center in Petersburg, VA.

Betty Laur has one of her paintings at the Palm Beach Airport.

Manon Sanders is showing her work at the Juno Beach Town Center, 12/12/2012-02/05/13.  Opening reception is 12/14/12 from 5:30-7pm.

Lynn Morgan will be exhibiting at Parallax Art Fair-Soho Studios in the Wynwood District during Miami Art Week.  Her show is 12/8-12/9 from 11am-5pm.  Opening Reception is Friday, 12/7.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Monday, November 12th, our meeting will be held at the Lighthouse Art Center School at 395 Seabrook Road instead of the Gallery. Hope to see you there.

Pick up for art at the Jupiter Community Center is on Tuesday, November 13th, from 9am to Noon.  Monday is a holiday for the Town of Jupiter.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


November calendar is filling up fast with great events for artists.
The month opens with the Artists' Appreciation Party on November 4th at Lighthouse Art Center.  This is just a fabulous party, to thank all contributing artists to the D'Art event.
Then, D'ART, on November 10th......WOW.....What fun!  Ticket sales are way ahead of last year .....But, we can still fit you in....It's one of those events where I just love to dress up in my best "artiness".  Everyone enjoys every minute of this evening.
I anticipate a wonderful demonstration this month by Randall Scott.  Randall teaches realism in Art here at LAC.  He will be showing his segment of the PBS series "Journey of an Artist" as well as doing a demo for us.
Many of you have entered the Landscape Show which opens on November 15th and runs through January 5th.
Thinking about landscapes, Cynthia McCallister has invited us to do Plein-Aire at her family's riverfront house.  Our first session will be on Tuesday, November 6th at 10AM. The address is 114 W. Riverside Drive.
We will be having a Board Meeting on November 7th to discuss elections in December.   It would be a good thing to have some new candidates on the slate. Think about it.....we need the input !!!
Ah, Bill Sabino has suggested that since the treasury is quite solvent, we have pizza at the December holiday meeting.....he will even deliver!

Also, I think that it might be fun to have an artists' gift bag.  How about each of us doing a small painting or piece of art and we can each "draw" an art work to take home.
I am going to New York early for Thanksgiving this year just so that I can attend the Metropolitan Museum’s Andy Warhol Show: REGARDING WARHOL:  SIXTY ARTISTS, FIFTY YEARS.
(some of you know that I was Andy for Halloween this year)   His influence was immense and finally being fully recognized. There is also a significant exhibit at the Guggenheim of Picasso's black and white paintings that I won't miss.
Finally, do try to attend ART BASEL IN MIAMI this year.  The dates are December 6-9.  The Art Miami portion has been expanded and I expect exciting Art everywhere in Miami.
NOVEMBER 4, Sunday          Artists Appreciation Party, LAC,  5:30-7:30
NOVEMBER 6, Tuesday         Plein-Aire, 10AM, 114 W. Riverside Dr.
NOVEMBER 7, Wednesday    NCAA Board Meeting, 1PM, Village Art Studios
NOVEMBER 9, Friday             Close of show at Jupiter Community Center
NOVEMBER 10, Saturday       D"Art for Art, 6PM-10PM
NOVEMBER 12, Monday         Drop off Art for Landscape Show
                                                    NCAA meeting at LAC, 7PM,  Randall Scott demo and film
NOVEMBER 13, Tuesday         Plein-Aire, 10AM,  call Gerri for site, 707-8563
NOVEMBER 15, Thursday        3RD Thursday:  Landscape Show Awards
                                                    Charity event at Village Art Studios
NOVEMBER 19, Monday         Change art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
NOVEMBER 20, Tuesday         Change art at Boulevard Restaurant, 2:00
 MEMBER NEWS:  Gerri Aurre won FIRST PLACE for her D’ART donation at the Lighthouse Art Center.   Congratulations Gerri!
Community Donation Opportunity
Silent Art Auction on November 16, 2012 from 3:00 p m to 8:00 pm at the Jupiter Community Center to benefit Officer Bruce St. Laurent’s family.  Officer St. Laurent was killed in the line of duty on September 9, 2012 while assigned to the presidential motorcade.
If you would like to make a donation of any kind, volunteer to work the event, or need information please contact:
Teresa Bryant 561-741-2359
Brent Hoosac 561-741-2421
Darrell Remole 561-741-2615

All donated pieces will receive a thank you letter for your contribution and 100% of the money raised will go to Officer’s St. Laurent’s family!
OTHER OPPORTUNITIES:  Bus Trip to Morse Museum of Art in Winter Park, Florida sponsored by McMow Art Glass Studios in Lake Worth.

Saturday, November 10th from 8am – 7pm
Cost: $65.00 per person. Trip fee includes bus transportation, docent led tour of the
museum, and art glass expert as a guest speaker on the bus – to be announced!
To Register or for more info: Contact McMow Art Glass Studios, at 561-585-9011x100 or online at www.mcmow.com under classes.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Welcome home to everyone who has been traveling or visiting family and friends. We can just feel fall in the air and the tempo of life here in Florida increases!

The most exciting opening event of the Season is D'ART on November 10th at the Lighthouse Art Center. In my opinion, this is the best evening of the year.  It is tremendous fun, the dinner is absolutely delicious and you go home with a beautiful piece of art.....WHAT A DEAL!

This year all contributing artists to D'ART are being offered tickets for $250.  The NCAA is planning a table (or two) so please try and join us. Additionally, all donating artists are invited to the over-the-top Artists' Appreciation party on November 4th.

The NCAA starts every Fall Season with a show at the Jupiter Community Center.  We are fortunate to be asked back each year by the Art Committee and they plan a lovely Opening for this event on October 5th.

Entries are being accepted for a juried Landscape Show at LAC. This exhibit will be from November 15, 2012 to January 5, 2013.  The deadline for entries is October 26th. Stop by the Lighthouse for an application.

This year, as the weather cools, we are again planning our Plein-Aire venues. We are going to try to concentrate on Florida landscapes that include landmark buildings as well as views.  If you know of any special spot, just let us know.....maybe a funky old house or a very tropical spot.

AH..., another great thing is happening at the LAC school ....As a core part of any art program, there needs to be nude models available to artists.  Saturday morning sessions have already begun and are from 9 to 12. Pat Crowley will be there to facilitate and each session will cost $20. Bring your pads, pencils, chalk, paint, just come!

Third Thursday in October means Halloween costumes at the Village Art Studios....join us.  It will also be the night of prizes for D'Art.  Remember, the D'ART Show will be hung for three weeks this year.....deadline for entries is October 11th.

Be creative,


OCTOBER 1, Monday                Deliver Art - Jupiter Community Center, 9-12
OCTOBER 2, Tuesday                Plein-aire painting, 9:30-11:30 at Square Grouper on Love Lane
OCTOBER 5, Friday                   Opening at Jupiter Community Center, 6-8
OCTOBER 6, Saturday                Nude model at LAC School, 9-12
OCTOBER 8, Monday                 NCAA meeting, 7PM, Lighthouse Art Center, Hugh O'Neill-demonstrator
OCTOBER 9, Tuesday                Plein-aire painting, 9:30-11:30 at Square Grouper on Love Lane
OCTOBER 11, Thursday            Last day of drop-off for D'Art
OCTOBER 13, Saturday             Nude model at LAC, 9-12
OCTOBER 15, Monday              Change Art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
OCTOBER16, Tuesday               Plein-aire painting, 10AM, fishing dock at the end of Love Lane
OCTOBER 18, Thursday            Third Thursday Events,  Lighthouse Art Center,  5:30-7:30... Prizes for  D'ART
                                                      Halloween Party at the Village Art Studios...5:30
OCTOBER 20, Saturday              Nude model every Saturday
OCTOBER 23, Tuesday              Plein-aire Sawfish Park, at the old train station, 10AM
OCTOBER 26, Thursday             Last day of entries to Landscape Show

Monday, August 20, 2012


Well, there are about six weeks left of our steamy Florida summer.  In spite of this, or maybe because of this, art activities are starting to appear for the up- coming season.
The 10th Worldwide Artist Paint Out is scheduled from September 14th to 16th at Dubois Park from 9AM to noon.  You need to register at: www.LighthouseArts.org and
click on "Artist Paint Out"
Once again, the North County Art Association is invited to show our work at the Jupiter Community Center.  Email: MathisonLR@gmail.com for an entry form

Entries need to be submitted by September 21st.
Drop off of art is on Monday, October 1st, between 9 and 12 noon.
The Opening of the show is on Friday, October 5th, from 6 to 8PM.
This show runs from October 5th to November 9th.
The Lighthouse Art Center is hosting a juried exhibition of Florida Landscapes that will be shown from November 15 to January 5, 2013.  The last day for entry submissions
is on October 26th and the forms are available in the museum lobby.
What a great time slot.  Thank you, Katie.
Closest to my heart, (I am the chair-person of acquisitions) is the D'Art Event in November.  I have been promoting this event since its inception because it is the very best
evening of the entire Art Season!!!!  We have great fun!
This year the Lighthouse Art Center has extended the time that our art will be exhibited in the galleries to three weeks and the cost of the event is $250 for contributors.   It is $300 for all other guests.
The Artists Appreciation Party on November 4th is fabulous and the D'Art Party .....well, I can't say enough.  The dinner is delicious and I for one, have been able to become an art collector.
I own a work by Katie Diets, a wonderful  abstract sculpture and a photograph by the very talented, Linda Mathison!
Please give generously of your very best work.
Quite a few of the artists at The Village Art Studios have expressed an interest in having a live model in our space.  We are kind of interested in having models clothed in costumes for
a two to three hour period on Fridays.
We would like to invite artists to participate and ask for a $5 donation for the models.   In fact, please let me know if you are interested in modeling for us.
The first session will be on Friday, September 21 at 1PM at the studio.  Let someone at the studio know if you are interested, so that we don't become too crowded.
 I am off to Turkey for the last of my summer travels.  This year I devoted a lot of my travel time to seeking out the most contemporary art that is out there ...... WOW, it's been fabulous!   
Basically, I am lazy, but I've decided to commit to posting an Art Blog.....THERE, I'm committed. 
Watch for it late in September.  I want to share the excitement I feel about the incredible creativity out there...
Oh, Katie Diets has asked me to get a bus trip together for Art Basel, Miami this year.  It will be during the first week in December.  Details to follow in our next Blog.
Keep painting,
SEPTEMBER 10, Monday, 7PM:           NCAA Meeting, at Lighthouse Art Center, watercolor 

demonstration by Peggy Kirkwood
SEPTEMBER 14, 15, 16, 9-12                DUBOIS park Paint Out
SEPTEMBER 17, Monday, 2:30             Hang art at Corner Cafe
SEPTEMBER 18, Tuesday, 2:00             Hang art at Boulevard Cafe

SEPTEMBER 21, Friday, 1-4                  Live Model at Village Art Studios
OCTOBER 1, Monday, 9-12                    Deliver art to Jupiter Community Center
OCTOBER 5, Friday, 6-8                        Opening at Jupiter Community Center
OCTOBER 11, Thursday                         Last day of drop off of art for D'Art

Congratulations to the following artists for their work at the FAU Show:
Best of Show Winner: Suzanne Todd - "Garden Glow"/Original watercolor
1st Place Winner: Barbara Carswell - "Loxahatchee River Boat House"/Watercolor
2nd Place Winner: Suzanne Goodwin - "Dusk Appearance"/Original watercolor
3rd Place Winner: Lois Barton - "Island Sunset"/Acrylic on paper
Honorable Mention Winner: Sue Noonan - "A Sunset Over the Intracoastal Waterway"/Watercolor

Friday, July 6, 2012

Message from our President

Well, here we are, right in the middle of our long , hot summer. 
It will really be pleasant for us to get together on Monday for the July meeting.
July 9, Monday, 7:00, Lighthouse Art Center
Bring in a piece of art that was inspired by a special place you have traveled to and tell us about it.
It could even be art that you bought on your travels that the group might enjoy seeing.
July 11, Wednesday, 3:30PM, FAU Atrium
FAU Presentation of awards for Summer Art Show
July 16, Monday, 2:30
Drop off Art at Corner Cafe
July 18, Wednesday,12:00
Board meeting at Village Art Studio and then lunch
July 19, Thursday, 5:30- 7:30
Lighthouse Art Center 3RD Thursday event
Winning artists speak about their work
Ann Lautey.......Best in Show
Barbara Carswell......3rd Place
Suzanne Todd..........Honorable Mention
July 27, Friday, 10-6
July 28, Saturday,10-2
Pick up for Art of Association
Remember, there is no meeting in August.
Hope to see you on Monday!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last meeting we had a wonderful presentation by Nilda Comas.  We were all treated to an insiders view of the foundry in Pietrasanta, Italy where she builds and casts her fabulous sculptures.  Nilda has kept an apartment there for the last twenty years where she works on her own and with other artists such as the Colombian artist, Botero.
We are fortunate to have her here at the Lighthouse Art Center as our sculpture instructor.
Nilda offers two trips yearly to Pietrasanta, in northern Tuscany, to sculpt and savor the Italian experience.  Check out the brochure at the front desk at LAC.
After the meeting many of us were all abuzz about renting a villa......ummmm.......tempting!
Anyway, next year I am planning on spending time in Venice at the Biannale, so I probably will make my way across northern Italy to the Cinque Terre region.  In fact, Carol Frezza is there right now...lucky her!
The May/June schedule is full of important dates.   We have the Art of Association show at the Lighthouse Art Center and the summer show at FAU.
Our June presenter will be Nina Fusco.  She will talk about working with paper.
MAY 29, Tuesday         Drop off art at LAC for Art of Association, 10a.m.-12Noon
JUNE 1, Friday              Opening of Art of Association
JUNE 1, Friday              Drop off art at the Atrium at FAU, 10:30a.m.-12:30p.m.

                                           Note:  This is a revised drop-off date.

JUNE 11, Monday        NCAA meeting, 7PM, Nina Fusco demonstration
JUNE 18, Monday        Change art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
JUNE 21, Thursday     Opening and Prizes, Art of Association Show, LAC, 5:30-7:30

Thursday, April 26, 2012


The winter season is sadly coming to an end but I'm sure that many of you have terrific summer adventures planned.  Not to be outdone, NCAA has several big summer events planned as well.  There will be dates to save on your calendars.
First and foremost, is The Art of Association Show at the Lighthouse Art Center.  This event will give us exposure with six other art groups from around Florida and includes two reception evenings.  I am looking forward to seeing a great variety of art and meeting many other artists.
The FAU Show has become an annual event and is in a great, big, space.  This show can accommodate larger entries and I hope that you don't take the theme so literally!  It would be great to really push the envelope here...especially as it is a university setting.
Our May meeting will feature Nilda Comas, a sculptress, who comes up from Ft. Lauderdale to teach at LAC School.  
Her class looks wonderful and she will discuss her work with us and talk about a workshop she is giving in Tuscany.
I will be feeding my soul throughout these hot months with several trips that I have planned and am eager to begin.  Let's talk travel at one of our meetings.....How about July???  I am sure that we all have art that was inspired by places we've been!
Happy days,
MAY 8, Tuesday            Last day for entries to Linda for Art of Association Show
MAY 14, Monday           NCAA Meeting, Nilda Comas, demonstrator
MAY 15, Tuesday          Drop off art at Boulevard restaurant
MAY 21, Monday           Drop off art at Corner Cafe
MAY 29, Tuesday          Drop off art for Art of Association
JUNE 4, Monday           Drop off art at FAU
JUNE 21, Thursday      Opening and prizes at Art of Association

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The Lighthouse Art Center is having a collaborative exhibit of 6 Art Associations from June 4 through July 26.  Art work should have been created since 2010 and not been previously displayed at LAC.  This show is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to mix with many other artists and have our work included in a major South Florida show....Thank you Katie Deits!!!
All work should be submitted to NCAA and be juried into the show by our group.
 Contact Linda,
MathisonLR@gmail.com , for an entry form and send her a JPeg of your work.  Deadline for entries is May 8th.
$20 for up to 3 entries for LAC members, $30 for non members
****Because of our limited space this year, I would urge you to submit your one best piece, only. ( to facilitate our jurying)...and keep the work moderate in size.  Also, we would appreciate 3D entries*****Gerri
All entry fees will be due upon acceptance of your piece to the show.
May 8, Tuesday           Last day for entry submission to Linda,

May 25, Friday             Exhibit postcards available for pick up at Lighthouse Art Center
May 28, Monday          Drop-off of art to LAC, 10-12
June 4, Monday           Exhibit opens
June 21, Thursday        Opening and awards reception, 5:30-7:30
July 19, Thursday         Association presentations at 3rd Thursday event, 5:30-7:30
July 27, Friday              Pick-up artwork, 10-6, AND on Saturday
If you have any questions contact: Gerri, gerriaurre@gmail.com , or 561-707-8563

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This month I have information about our two big summer shows that have become annual events.
First, the show at Florida Atlantic University will be from June 4th to August 31st.  The theme will be "Tropical Sunsets" and I hope that this will be considered as a jumping off point for your creative juices....Go for it!

Please send a jpeg of your piece by April 27th to MathisonLR@gmail.com and Linda will send you the necessary paperwork.

This year we will each deliver our piece directly to FAU at 10AM on Friday, June 1st in front of the library. Pick up will be at 10AM on Friday, August 31st.
The Art of Association Show at the Lighthouse Art Center will be much expanded this year.  Several more groups from around the county have been added and the show has been extended.  We are still finalizing details but the dates have been set.
The show will open on June 1st and end on July 26th.
This year it will be necessary to jury in our work because of the increased numbers and there will be a fee of $20 for LAC members, $30 non-members.  This will cover expenses to the Lighthouse for publicity and refreshments.
Each group will do their own jurying and I will put out another Blog later this month with further details.
The Annual Student-Member Show is currently on exhibit at the Lighthouse Art Center.
Congratulations to:
Joe Pierre .... Fourth Place
Nina Fusco.... Honorable Mention
Emalee Andre.... Special Mention
Our demonstrator this month will be Manon Sander.  She is new to the area and Linda and I saw her work in a local show and felt that she would have interesting things to say.  Manon's work is about texture and intensity of color.
APRIL 9, Monday  ............NCAA Meeting, 7PM
APRIL 10, Tuesday..........Plein-Aire Painting, 10AM.......Dubois Park......Bring lunch, I will bring dessert
APRIL 16, Monday...........Change art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
APRIL17, Tuesday...........Plein-Aire Painting, 10AM...new park at Cypress Creek, Indiantown Rd.

APRIL 19, Thursday........3RD Thursday events at Gallery Square North,
 5:30"Velvet Art" at the Village Art Studios.....join us......Bring something velvet!!!!!!
APRIL 24, Tuesday.........Plein-Aire, 10AM.......Jupiter Dunes Park, US1
APRIL 26, Thursday........Pick up at Student-Member Show
APRIL 27, Friday.............Deadline for Jpegs to Linda for FAU Show
Enjoy our beautiful weather!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


This month let's plan on taking advantage of our beautiful Florida weather  with a "Picnic and Paint Day".  Bring your lunch....I'll bring dessert.... 
MARCH 13......DuBois Park.....10AM.  It would be fun to show our paintings after lunch.
We are all looking forward to the Annual Lighthouse Art Center Student - Member Show will be opening on March 29th.  Watch Email for more info. or stop at LAC for an entry form.
We can once again thank Katie Diets for so generously offering us a summer show at the Lighthouse Art Center.
Plans will be getting underway this month for the June opening of "Art of Association".  With more local groups involved, this could be the highlight of our artistic year.  Hopefully, we will be serving a delicious pot luck dinner so that the evening takes on its own special flair.
Another event to show that we are not just a seasonal destination is the Florida Atlantic University Summer Art Show in the atrium.  This year the focus will be on Tropical Sunsets.  Entry forms will be posted on the Blog next month.
With all of these events planned......START PAINTING!!!!!!!!
Tickets are still available for The Cafe Beaux Arts Ball on March 3rd.  Julie Beaumont and I have been painting for weeks to decorate the huge tent that will be arriving in the parking lot at Gallery Square North next weekend.  I am very excited that this event is taking place right here and expect that WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A WONDERFUL EVENING.  It will be interactive, more casual and very French.
The 3rd Thursday event at The Village Art Studios this month is to benefit Busch Wildlife.  We will be offering "animal inspired boxes" for donations at the door.  Last month we were most successful with our painted glasses for Peggy Adams Animal Rescue Fund.....Stop by.
Our March demo will be by Sarah LaPierre!   Everyone admired her dad, Joe, and she has become quite a skillful painter.  Sarah will have much to offer.
See you then,
MARCH 6, Tuesday  Plein-Aire painting, 10AM Burt Reynolds Park,west side
MARCH 12, Monday  NCAA meeting, 7PM, LAC,Sarah LaPierre demonstrator
MARCH 13, Tuesday PICNIC AND PAINTS, 10AM,Dubois Park
MARCH 15, Thursday Opening at Village Art Studio to benefit Busch Wildlife,

MARCH 19, Monday   Change art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
MARCH 20, Tuesday  Plein-aire painting,10AM,Sawfish Park
            Change art at Boulevard Restaurant,2PM
MARCH 27, Tuesday  Plein-aire painting, 10AM, Dubois Park
MARCH 29, Thursday Opening Student-Member Show LAC,5:30

Sunday, February 5, 2012


February is the month we are lucky enough to host two International Art Shows at the Palm Beach Convention Center. This week, from the 4th to the 12th is the" International Art Fair" and the 17th to the 21st is the" Jewelry, Art and Antique Show". I am mentioning this to emphasize that every day of these events there are free lectures by prominent people in their field. Check on line for programming each day.

If you are really ambitious, there is" Art Wynwood" in Miami, from February 16th to 20th. I think that the art being made in Miami right now is as avant-garde as you will find anywhere. It really is a very direct trip down I-95, exit at I-195, and take the first exit to North Miami Ave...the show is tented right there.

Our super event in this part of Florida is the "Cafe Beaux Arts Ball" at the Lighthouse Art Center on March 3rd. This year we are going to enjoy an evening in Paris right under a tent in Gallery Square North. The committee is excited about this new venue and the evening is going to be more casual and interactive....Treat yourselves!!!!!!!

Also in the works is "The Art of Association" show at the Lighthouse Art Center in June. If you remember, this show was quickly put together last year with a pot luck dinner provided by NCAA. This year I am chairing the committee and it will be on an even larger scale. Katie Diets has given us six weeks of gallery exposure and we will jury in the work and offer prizes.....Start painting, drawing, sculpting!!!!!!!!

On Thursday, February 16th there is going to be a wine tasting at the Village Art Studios and Original Elements to benefit the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. Admission is a minimum donation of $5 for a hand painted glass to sample our wines. Artists will be donating a portion of their sales that evening as well.

xxxxx Happy Valentine's Day


FEBRUARY 4-12 INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR, Palm Beach Convention Center
FEBRUARY 7, Tuesday Plein-aire painting, 10AM, Dubois Park
FEBRUARY 9, Thursday Artybra Fashion Show, Auction and Pink Cocktail Party, 5:30 to 7:30
FEBRUARY 13, Monday NCAA Meeting, 7:00 LAC, Amy Lourie, contemporary artist and book illustrator
FEBRUARY 14, Tuesday Plein-aire painting, 10AM, Dubois Park
FEBRUARY 16, Thursday Wine Tasting at Village Art Studios
FEBRUARY 16-20 Wynwood Art Show, Miami
FEBRUARY 17-21 Jewelry, Art and Antiques Show, PB Convention Center
FEBRUARY 18-20 Artigras Fine Arts Festival, Abacoa
FEBRUARY 20, Monday Change art at Corner Cafe, 2:30
FEBRUARY 21, Tuesday Plein-aire, 10AM, Behind Jetty's restaurant
FEBRUARY 28, Tuesday Plein-aire, 10AM, Saw Fish Park, Alt. A1A

Lynn Morgan has been accepted as an Emerging Artist at Artigras, February 18-20th, Booth 626.

Dr. Harold Kaufman will be showing his work February-April at Bank Atlantic in Abacoa, 5450 S. Central Blvd. All proceeds will go to the Friends of Scripps Institute.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


January is certainly going to be an active month for art lovers in Palm Beach County.

Linda Mathison and I recently visited the exhibits at the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach and we urge you all to see them. " Andy Warhol, The Bazaar Years" was truly an eye opener that explained so much about what was to come later in his career and in art in general......It was a nostalgic look back to the 50's. "The Art of Illustration" was also quite worthwhile. These shows will be there through mid-January.

"Contempo" will be the juried show at the Lighthouse Art Center this month. This show has become a yearly tradition offered in January to showcase contemporary art around the county. "Art Palm Beach", an international modern show is at the Convention Center from January 20-23.

There is still time for anyone interested in designing a bra for "Artybra". You can contact the Lighthouse Center......this event benefits Cancer research. There will be a fashion show on February 9.

Join me at the "125 Club" and enjoy the art party of the year!.... This event is on Saturday, January 7, from 6-8:30. Again, contact the Lighthouse Art Center for details about this fundraiser.

Plein-Aire painting has been going well and we are hoping for continued good weather....Join us on Tuesday mornings.

Lastly, our guest artist at this month's NCAA meeting will be Judy Fleisher, a very fine contemporary artist whose work offers many innovations and visual surprises.
Have a great month and enjoy all our local activities!


JANUARY 3, Tuesday Plein-Aire painting, 10AM.....Saw Fish Park, Alt.A1A, Jupiter

JANUARY 7, Saturday 125 Club Party, 6-8:30, Whitespace Collection, WPB

JANUARY 9, Monday NCAA Meeting, 7PM, Lighthouse Art Center
Judy Fleisher demo
JANUARY 10,Tuesday Plein-Aire painting, 10AM........DuBois Park

JANUARY 16, Monday Change art at Corner Cafe, 2:30

JANUARY 17, Tuesday Plein-Aire behind Jetty's restaurant

JANUARY 17, Tuesday Change art at Boulevard restaurant, 2:00

JANUARY 20-23 ART PALM BEACH, Convention Center, WPB

JANUARY 24, Tuesday Plein-Aire at Riverbend Park, 10AM

JANUARY 31, Tuesday Plein-Aire behind Lighthouse Historic Center

REMEMBER TO SEND YOUR $35 DUES TO: Virginia Furey, 13222 Saint Tropez Cir., PBG, 33410