JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have just returned from several weeks in Manhattan, where the weather was perfect and the Art was incredibly inspiring.

Firstly, I could not get enough of the High Line on the West Side, between 12th and 30th Streets. This whole area, the Meat Packing District up to Chelsea has been transformed. This is now the heart of trendy Art, shopping and dining. The old elevated tracks have become a park and pedestrian walkway along the Hudson River and are not to be missed on a trip to New York.

The Picasso paintings of Maria Terese at Gasgosian Gallery on 21st Street, were the most comprehensive I have ever seen and really enhanced my appreciation for his works from this period.

Another wonderful highlight was the DeKooning exhibit at the Pace Gallery on 57th St. His abstracts of mostly women’s bodies were a kinetic experience.
Ahhh, I also saw the Ai Weiwei's Zodiac sculptures in front of the Plaza Hotel. I was in heaven.

One last bragging point,( indulge me), was the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. This exhibit was more about fine art craftsmanship than clothing...a truly creative mind. Luckily, we can all go online and sample these treats.

Now, onto NCAA news:
We had a great show with three other groups in Palm Beach County. Charles Bieser won a prize at this show at the Lighthouse Art Center. Diane Hutchenson sold her ceramic piece. Katie Diets was so pleased that she is planning to holding it again next year. I really enjoyed organizing the Pot Luck with our team.

This year's FAU Show was our best ever. It was quite cohesive and well hung. Thank you to Katy for the organizing.
Prizes were:
1ST Place, Barbara Carswell
2ND Place, Carol Frezza
3RD Place, Sue Noonan
The exhibit is being taken down on August 5th and paintings will be available at The Village Art Studios that afternoon for pick-up.

October (dates later): Annual Jupiter Town Hall. This show will be juried for winners this year.

November 2-30: A new venue at Jonathan Dickinson Park. This show will be devoted to Florida Wildlife, both fauna and flora.The Opening Night will be on November 4th.

The Board has begun talking about a boat trip to Trapper Nelson's sometime in mid October (as it cools down) to inspire some of the artists. We might even plan a bar-b-que and painting day in November sometime.

JULY MEETING: July 11, 7PM, Lighthouse Art Center
Film about the artist, LOUISE BOURGEOIS
She passed away at age 98, in 2010, and was a real force internationally, in the Art world, for most of her life. She may be new to some of you,so I thought that we might enjoy her vitality and absolute originality right to the end.

Change Art at the Corner Cafe on Monday, July 18 at 3PM.

See you next week,


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