JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Thursday, April 28, 2011


We had an interesting meeting last month that I think was enjoyable to all who attended. I had asked Katie Deits to be the presenter and she turned to us and asked us to talk about our art and what the Lighthouse Art Center could offer each of us. For instance, Katie suggested that painters might benefit from a sculpture class that would enrich our drawing.

Many of our members participated in the LAC Student-Member Show and the galleries were filled with wonderful work.

24 artists will be showing their art at the FAU Summer show. Once again, Katy Digioia has worked hard on this event.

Quince Quaintance, one of our finest painters, will be demonstrating at the May meeting.

Nancy Leonetti, Carol Frezza and Rod Martter sold paintings at the Corner Cafe
Quince Quaintance sold 2 paintings at Original Elements and 2 at Partners on Design
Barbara Carswell sold 2 giclees at Village Art Studios
Bill Sabino had a good season at Village Art Studios

May 9, Monday 7:PM NCAA Meeting, Quince Quaintance demo
May 16, Monday 3:PM deliver art Corner Cafe
May 25, Wednesday Delivery of art for FAU Summer Show to the Village Art Studio.....Gerri's space
May 25, Wednesday 1:PM Board meeting, Village Art Studios

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