JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Monday, November 1, 2010


Katie DiGioia and I were pleased with the show we hung at Northern Trust on Friday. Twenty two artists provided large works that exhibit quite well in their conference room. Katie Deits is exhibiting a bronze head on a pedestal and it adds needed depth to the show. Hopefully, other sculptors will join us in the future.

Plans are in the works for a February 12th Artists Day at the Busch Wildlife Center in Jupiter. Brenda Nicholas, who is an NCAA member and the Education Director at Busch, is very anxious for this to be a successful in-season event. We are hoping that many of you will be a part of the day. Wildlife art will be displayed under the roof in the entrance picnic area and we look forward to artists setting up their easels and painting around the animal areas. Busch will be handling the sales for us and each artist can designate what percentage they wish to donate to the Center. February 12th is a Saturday and should be busy. We are considering offering Valentine cupcakes and other refreshments for sale. There will be wine after 4:30 and a Bird Release at 5:30. All in all, we are excited about this event and want to give you plenty of advance notice so that you can start painting! Katie DiGioia will be telling us more about planning at the November meeting.

Our November demonstrator is Ted Matz, who teaches at the Lighthouse Art Center, and he will be talking about painting with acrylics. Ted will be followed by a presentation by Augusta Schumacher, our newly appointed Corresponding Secretary. Augusta wants NCAA to explore avenues available to us as a non-profit organization.

Thank you so much to every artist who has donated their work to the D'Art for Art event at LAC. I'll see you all at the Artist Appreciation Party on November 7th. Tickets are still available to D'Art and it should be a fabulous evening. This year's theme is "The Thomas Crown Affair" and there will be lots of surprises!...It's on November 13th...Treat yourselves!!

For those of you who want to see all that there is possible and happening in Art today: ART BASEL is in Miami, December 1-5.....and there are so many more events that fill the city. I am staying in Miami for the week and will report back with lots of pictures. It is a thrilling experience, believe me!


NOVEMBER 7: Artist Appreciation Party, 5:30-7:30pm Lighthouse Art Center, by invitation

NOVEMBER 8: NCAA Meeting, 7:00pm Ted Matz demonstrating acrylic painting. Presentation by Augusta Schumacher.

NOVEMBER 13: D'ART for ART, 6-10pm, Lighthouse Art Center

NOVEMBER 15: Pick-up of artwork at Jupiter Civic Center, 9-12pm

NOVEMBER 16: Change art at Boulevard Restaurant, 2:45pm

NOVEMBER 17: Board meeting, 1PM lunch at Gallery Grill, 2PM meeting at Village Art Studios

NOVEMBER 18: Change art at Corner Cafe, 3:00pm

NOVEMBER 18: 3rd Thursday, Anniversary Party at Village Art Studios, 5:30-7:30pm

NOVEMBER 30: Pick-up at Northern Trust, 10AM



Member News
Barbara Knauf has received the Pinnacle Achievement Book Award for writing and illustrating a children’s book “The Wiener Dog and the Bear”. Purchase information on Barbara’s website.

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