JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Thursday, October 7, 2010


October marks the beginning of another busy season. Most of us are returning from our travels to cooler climates and exotic places.
I had a wonderful trekking adventure in Nepal and came home with thoughts of mountains and prayer flags. I think that my paintings are going to reflect this fascinating place.

We are starting with a month filled with exhibits and activities. Get busy painting and join in as often as you can.

I want to mention again that D'ART FOR ART is "happening" on November 13th. This has to be the BEST event scheduled at the Lighthouse Art Center. I encourage everyone to consider attending...REALLY!... I have gone home with beautiful art after a fantastic cocktail party and delicious dinner.
MORE IMPORTANTLY, though, I am urging all artists to donate a piece of their art to this event. It is a major fund raiser for the Lighthouse and I will be Emailing and calling in the next few weeks to confirm your donations. An invitation to the Artist Appreciation Party, on November 7th, is extended to all of you who donate and it is QUITE an evening!

OCTOBER 8: Opening NCAA Art Show at the Jupiter Community Center, 6 to 8P.M.

OCTOBER 11: North County Art Association meeting, 7P.M., LCA main gallery
Demo by Robert Swinton, Photographer
He will be discussing his classes offered at the Lighthouse School.

OCTOBER 14: Bring Art to the Corner Cafe, 3P.M.

OCTOBER 19: Bring Art to the Boulevard Restaurant, 3P.M.

OCTOBER 20: Changed date of NCAA Board Meeting, 1P.M. lunch at Gallery Grill, 2P.M.
meeting at Village Art Studios. Everyone welcome.

OCTOBER 21: HALLOWEEN PARTIES at the Lighthouse Art Center and the Village Art
Studios, 5:30--7:30+ Come in a costume!

OCTOBER 29: Pick up at Lake Park Library before 1P.M.

OCTOBER 29: Drop off of Art to Northern Trust Bank, US 1, NPB, between 10 and 12.
Work should be no smaller than 18x24.

Have a great month.

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