JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Only a few weeks more and we'll feel those first bursts of cooler air. I hope that everyone had a pleasant summer and you were able to get away from this heat for at least awhile. To me, as a teacher in my past life, September always starts the new year. Katy DiGioia and I (also a teacher!) have begun planning programs and events for the months ahead.

SEPTEMBER 9th: Dropoff of Art to the Corner Cafe, 3PM....One piece of work

SEPTEMBER 13th: NCAA MEETING, 7PM ....Meetings are always on the second Monday
of the month at the Lighthouse Art Center
Demonstration by pastel artist: Dawn Miller

SEPTEMBER 14th: Dropoff of Art to the BOULEVARD RESTAURANT, 3PM...Florida Scenes

SEPTEMBER 16th: 3RD Thursday at The Village Art Studio, 5:30-7:30

OCTOBER 1st: Dropoff for exhibit at the Lake Park Library, 11AM
Information about the opening night to follow shortly

OCTOBER 4th: Dropoff of Art to Jupiter Community Center, 9AM-12 NOON
Opening Reception, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 6-8PM
Pick-up, MONDAY, NOV. 15, 9AM
Entry forms available from: mathisonlr@gmail.com

OCTOBER 13: NCAA BOARD MEETING, 1PM Lunch at the Gallery Grill, 2PM meeting at The
Village Art Studios......Discussion of slate of officers for 2011
Everyone Welcome!

OCTOBER 21th: Halloween Party at The Village Art Studios.....Wear Costumes!, 5:30-7:30

OCTOBER 29th: Dropoff of Art to Northern Trust Bank, US 1, Palm Beach Gardens, 10AM-12
Exhibit to run OCTOBER 1-29
Pick-up on NOVEMBER 30th, 10AM
Each artist is asked to bring one large piece of work....minimum size: 18x24

BY OCTOBER 29th: Dropoff of Art to D'ART FOR ART, 10AM-4PM anyday

NOVEMBER 7th: Over-the-top Artists' Appreciation Party at the Lighthouse Art Center for
donating artists to D'ART FOR ART

NOVEMBER 13th: D'ART FOR ART, 6 to 10PM at the Lighthouse Art Center

Lastly, I want to urge all members to donate a piece of their artwork to D'ART FOR ART and encourage you to attend this fantastic event as well.
This is a major fundraising event for the Lighthouse Art Center and is, without a doubt, the most enjoyable evening of the season.
This is the party that will make each of you not only an artist, but an art collector as well. This year's party is being themed as THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR and MANY surprises are in store. The dinner for this evening will be delicious and, obviously, I am a major fan of D'ART.
Contact The Lighthouse Art Center for tickets.

Check out the opportunities for entry into the juried art shows at The Lighthouse Art Center. This is a welcome addition to their programming. Augusta Pearl (Schumacher), one of our members, won the First Place ribbon in the Dog Gone Art Show this summer....CONGRATULATIONS!

The Lighthouse School is offering several new classes in Photography this Fall....They sound great.

I think that's all the news this month!

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