JULY 2018

JULY 2018
Betty Laur's collage is in our show at The New Studio of the Visual Arts

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 2009

Message from the President, Gerri Aurre:

I spent too many years as an Art teacher, thinking of September as the start of the year, to change now. This summer was spent on the lookout for creative and varied programs for this coming season and hope that you all will join in for what, I think, will be varied and creative demonstrations. Our September artist will be Doreen Lepore, our BLOG editor. Doreen teaches pastels at the Hobe Sound Art League and her style is relaxed and lovely. Be sure to join us on September 14th at 7P.M. at the Lighthouse school.

The Lighthouse Center for the Arts is in the midst of searching for a new director. We look forward to a continued close relationship with this gem of a local mecca of the arts. (I can't say enough good things). The Lighthouse is responsible for us all "finding" each other and being able to enjoy the artist in all of us!! This summer was lifted from the doldrums by the "Chairity Show" at the Lighthouse. Basha Stone and Mary D'Avanzo, with their team at the Seabranch Art League, have worked tirelessly to make this a successful event. It was just fabulous and highlighted the huge talents of our local artists. Bravo!

As many of you know, Julie Beaumont and I have moved our studio space once again. This time we have hit the jackpot with "The Village Art Studios", right next to the LCA, in Gallery Square North. Julie is quite a force and just fearlessly jumped right into this venture. We have 16 artists in the space and are hoping to involve many of you in our creative community. Our Monthly Challenges will be kicking off with creating costumes for a Halloween party at the studio, on Saturday, October 31. MAKE a costume and come and have a frightening good time!

Unfortunately, there has been one tragic aspect to our opening month at the studio. Joe LaPierre, the very well known Palm Beach County artist, passed away quite suddenly. We were so fortunate in having Joe as our signature artist in the front feature space. Joe was enthusiastic and highly supportive of us. We all enjoyed his larger than life presence and will really miss him. Joe's wife, Melody, plans on keeping some of his work with us and his daughter, Sarah, will be coming in to paint in her Dad's space. I was planning on asking Joe to do a demo for us. Fortunately, he left a video of himself doing his palette knife technique and I would like to show it at the studio for our December, Christmas meeting.

The NCAA has had a surprizingly good summer, considering the economy, selling our work locally. Linda Prinz and Betty Laur sold work at the Corner Cafe and Rod Martter at the Boulevard. I also saw work by Emalee Andre on display at the Boca Museum Guild space in Delray.

Upcoming shows: in October, Jupiter Town Hall- October 2 thru November 6, North Palm Beach Library- news to follow from Chairman: Joe Pierre, D'Art for Art will be on Saturday, November 14th.....DO donate a piece for this show to support the Lighthouse Center for the Arts. There is an OUTSTANDING Opening Party! Stop over at the Lighthouse to designate a piece. Fall classes at the Lighthouse will be beginning in early September. This year they are having open figure sessions on Tuesday mornings and nude sessions on Wednesday mornings. They are both wonderful opportunities.

Right now I'm off on my next adventure to Jordan and Egypt. Considering all the places I've been lucky enough to go to, I don't know how I've waited so long to venture into Egypt. Actually, it's the drive through Jordan that seems most fascinating to me. We'll be going into Beduoin camps in the desert wadis. This is Lawrence of Arabia territory. And I can't wait to take the hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings in Egypt...the last time I did this, in East Africa, we thumped down and were dragged along in the basket before a dusty stop. I figure that time is running out for me on this sort of thing! I will take too many pictures and subject anyone I can, to seeing them at the studio, when I return.

Mark Your Calendars:

Sept 14 - 7PM NCAA Meeting - Doreen Lepore

Sept 17 - 3PM Corner Cafe

Sept 22 - 2:30 PM Boulevard Restuarant

Sept 23 - 3 PM Bacio's

Sept 28 - 9AM - noon - deliver work to Jupiter Town Hall (see entry form for details)

Oct 2 - 6 - 8 PM - Jupiter Town Hall - Opening Reception

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